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Zenith Creator

Zenith Creator is designed for training analysts on visual dashboard, data prep, and agile delivery best practices. This program includes scheduled trainings, trainer / trainee touchpoints, and capstone projects.

      Alicia Bembenek | Project Director | Tessellation

Alicia has spent her entire career teaching others and working with data. She was first a psychology professor and researcher, before discovering her passion for the field of data visualization. 

Before joining the team at Tessellation, Alicia was a Tableau trainer for an online data visualization academy. She is happy to be a part of the Tessellation team, where she can (continue to) learn new Tableau tips and tricks every day, share what she has learned, and connect with others in the data visualization community. 

          Jan Brooijmans | Trainer | Tessellation

Jan is an experienced Business Analytics Consultant & Trainer. Since he got the chance to start using Tableau in 2011, he’s been a huge fan – implementing it for many organisations. As an expert in consumer psychology, he’s always approaching data analytics from a human perspective. He believes anyone can make a big difference in using data to achieve goals and improve performance.

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