Data Coach Courses

Learn analytics online with our courses designed to further your career in data.

Cohort Courses

This is why we designed Data Coach. Our courses are tailored for adult learning. You’ll join a cohort and be paired with a Coach. You’ll interact with content and challenges. Over eight weeks, you’ll meet one-on-one with your Coach to review your progress as well as have access to weekly office hours when you need extra help. As you progress, connect with your fellow cohort through Slack. You’ll complete three milestones, which you’ll review with your Coach and gain valuable feedback. Upon completion of each of those milestones, you’ll earn a badge!

Zero to Tableau Certified

Take your skills from zero to Tableau Certified with over 200 topics covered over 33 lessons.

Zero to Alteryx Certified

Learn the essentials of Alteryx on your journey to becoming a data preparation and analytics expert.

More coming soon…

Individual Courses

Sometimes you just want access to the content, or you want to move at your own pace. With the Individual option, you’ll get access to premium content and one final course review with a Coach for feedback.

Data Literacy & Statistics

Start your analytics & business intelligence journey right by learning the foundations of SQL, Statistics, and interpreting data.

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Free Courses

The courses below are free and are meant to give you some exposure to the tools we train in, as well as a demo of Data Coach programs. These courses don’t provide any one-on-one time with a Coach, but we’re always available to answer any questions you have about the platform.

Alteryx Tool Overview

Learn the purpose, configuration, and generic walk-through on Alteryx's most common tools.

Formatting in Tableau

Learn formatting tips for ten different chart types to take your visualization to the next level in Tableau.

More coming soon…