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Our Approach

We know adults learn by the “three C’s”:

  • Cognition. We acquire knowledge and understanding when we are challenged with complex thought, experience and using our senses to make observations.
  • Construction. When we build or make things, we are forced to establish new mental models, analogies and connections between tasks in order to accomplish a goal.
  • Community. We thrive when we work amongst a group of like-minded people with similar objectives, and can gain feedback to incorporate continuous improvement into our learning.

Data Coach utilizes these pillars to promote the most practical and effective learning environment for you to succeed. We focus our training to be goal-oriented with a series of capstone learning projects. We specially tailor training and experiences so participants get the most out of the course. With our cohort approach, each person is connected with individuals going through a similar learning experience.

Why Data Coach?

We are a group of seasoned analytics experts who are passionate about teaching others how to become savvy with technology. We are experienced in coaching users at all levels of an organization on how to make data approachable, consumable and insightful.


We provide opportunities for the cohort members to Chat with the group or individuals through the Data Coach Slack application. This way you can support and learn side-by-side with peers. 


Your coach is available digitally most hours of the day to help facilitate your learning. Your coach will meet with you once-a-week for a thirty minute one-on-one, hold weekly office hours, and do live digital training each week.


Our content is designed by recognized analytics experts and reviewed by experts in adult learning. We focus on building insightful content that allows you to build a deep skillset in the tools and technologies required for the modern workforce.


Rather than assessing each component of your learning Data Coach courses have a series of capstone projects that force participants to fuse multiple concepts into a single solution. All capstone projects are privately reviewed with your personal data coach.


Connect with cohort members, Data Coach alumni, and coaches. Ask and answer questions on the Data Coach boards. Complete bonus challenges and get the monthly newsletter.


We know that adult learners need training built to their needs. Thats why we complete skills assessments of incoming participants, collect feedback to improve content, and tailor feedback to participants based on areas of need.

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