Welcome to Data Coach, we build careers in analytics through coaching and training.

Our platform gives you access to world-class trainers and a cohort of like-minded professionals.

Take your career to the next level.

Our platform gives you access to world-class trainers and a cohort of like-minded professionals.

Our trainers are industry-recognized experts who have trained thousands of individuals. We will be there to work with you throughout your journey to make sure you gain the confidence to master the entire course.

Through cohort learning, you can expand your network while learn data and analytics tools with peers who are equally motivated and starting at the same skill level as you.

What exactly is Data Coach?

Flexible Learning

Data Coach courses are designed so that you spend three-to-five hours-a-week  watching videos, interacting with content, completing practice problems, and connecting with your coach on your schedule. 

Coaches who get it

Our coaches are seasoned analytics professionals who have received recognition within the analytics community and eager to share their knowledge with you.


We’re here to support you along the way. Every week you’ll meet with one-on-one with your coach. Your also has open office hours so you can “stop-by” and get additional support.  If you are stuck you can also chat with any coach, (nearly) anytime.


Have the peace-of-mind to know you are not in it alone as you will learn along side 20-30 of your peers. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with your peers and solidify your new-found skills.


Connect with other professionals outside your cohort or share your challenges and successes on the Data Coach Community Slack channels.


You’ll have the opportunity to practice your skills on more than one hundred practice problems. As you’re practicing you can interact with the solution at anytime.

Badges & Certification

Earn multiple badges throughout the completion of your course by completing a series of capstone projects and reviewing them with your coach. Once you earn your badge you can share it on LinkedIn or whatever platform you prefer.

We have trained thousands. Now we are bringing our approach to you.

Redefine your career. Join a cohort.

Data Coach has courses tailored for you.

Join as an Individual

Our individual option gives you access to content with one final course review with a Data Coach to ensure you’ve complete the course successfully.

  • Access to 15+ hours of premium content
  • 50+ hands on challenges
  • Chat with a Coach
  • One 1-on-1 with a Data Coach
  • One course completion badge

Join a Cohort

This is why we designed Data Coach. Work in tandem with 20-30 like-minded peers across the globe to complete a course tailored for adult learning.

  • Dedicated Data Coach
  • Cohort of 20-30 like-minded professionals
  • 5 hours of 1-on-1 skill sessions with your Coach
  • Three levels of skill badges
  • One-on-one skill badge review sessions with your Coach
  • Access to weekly office hours with your Coach
  • Cohort & Data Coach Community Channel access
  • Includes all Individual-level benefits
  • After participating in the course, our dashboard design process has improved and the dashboards are being created with a better mindset towards reduced maintenance and increased sustainability.

    John McClelland

    Director, Business Intelligence - Apex Tooling Group